Hey you, happy to see you here ;)

Founding Story

First things first: We are not your usual founding team – we didn’t meet at a fancy founders conference, via our jobs or at university - we’ve actually known each other all our lives. We are cousins and best friends with a common passion for:
Hours-long deep talks & pep talks
Traveling and discovering magical inspiring places
Always finding enough time for some self-care & me-time
Checking out the latest wellbeing trends (from nutrition to beauty, treatments, movement etc.) and sharing our wisdom with those around us

We love spending several weeks per year in California, where we fell in love with those typical Californian feel-good vibes. We quickly discovered, that the awareness and accessibility for all things health, self-care, nutrition, wellbeing and the corresponding lifestyle is much more advanced than in Germany and it became our dream to share our discoveries and experiences with others. Dealing with our own health struggles over the past few years, we furthermore realized, that most people – including ourselves for so many years – feel really clueless and left alone when it comes to approaching health concerns. Many of us believe that not feeling well, not sleeping well, having a constant lack of energy, feeling stuck in terms of finding & holding a healthy weight, having a poor digestion, suffering from skin issues is somehow normal. In addition, our society still cultivates the mindset that our health does not concern us. When something goes wrong and we become sick, we go to the doctor and we hope to be fixed. We feel very strongly that there needs to be a shift in this belief system and we want to help you to take control of your health, so you can feel happy and healthy every day.

The idea to start THE YOULISTIQUE is a result of our own journeys: the experience of our personal health struggles, our passion for all things wellbeing and our very strong belief that everyone can take control of their own health. We are here to empower you to start this wonderful journey to living a sustainable happy and healthy life.